Twin™ Shoes

Innovative shoeing for healthier hooves

The Twin™ Shoe has several features supporting the “innovative shoeing for healthier hooves”-concept. Some of these features are industry unique and patented. The Twin™ Shoe design features can be completely or partially applied to existing shoe designs. Two unique functional features of the Twin™ Shoe are the 2 front clips and the cutting grooves on the support side and on the ground side of the shoe.


The two front clips prevent the foot from sliding forward off the shoe and provide a larger surface (than with one toe clip) limiting focal pressure and providing more support at push-off.


The cutting grooves on both the support and the ground facing side of the shoe provide an easy guideline for the unique feature of the shoe: after nailing the shoe is split, creating two equal halves firmly held in place with each one front and one side clip and with nails. 

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The Twin™ Shoe and the Twin™ Shoeing method are patent  protected and further design and utility patents are pending. 

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